Confused about which method is best for diffusing essential oils?

Are you confused about which method is best for diffusing essential oils into your room spaces?  We are often asked which is the best way and it is really does come down to personal preference.

Tea Light Essential Oil Diffuser

The best thing about these gorgeous burners is that they are the easiest and most cost-effective way to get into delivering essential oils into your room spaces.  Just fill the burner bowl with water, add a few drops of essential oils, light the tea light candle and you are away.  The one drawback is that these shouldn’t really be used in public spaces such as schools, hospitals and aged care homes because of the open flame tealight burning.  Things to look for in a good tea light burner are

  • Large water bowl – so you aren’t always running to the tap to refill the water bowl
  • Good distance (at least 6 cms more is better) between the candle and the base of the water bowl – you don’t want to overheat the water as this means that your oils will be dispensed faster and you’ll have to replenish them more often
  • Good glazing in the water bowl – this helps with cleaning off the oily residue
  • Separate water bowl as this assists with cleaning

Electrical Oil Vaporiser

These have become very popular over the years as they have a significant safety advantage over Tealight diffusers. Without the open flame the risk of fire is significantly reduced.

Simply plug in, turn on, place 8-10 drops of pure essential oil into the top recess and enjoy the therapeutic benefits and lovely aroma. The vaporiser will take up to 15 minutes to reach full temperature and depending on the essential oils chosen the aroma will last from 1 – 6 hours. The therapeutic benefits will last longer.  These are very economical to run costing no more than a standard light bulb.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

These are becoming increasingly popular -with very good reason. They use ultrasonic or movement to disperse the essential oils into the air.  To all intents and purposes, the oils are not heated and when heat is applied to essential oils sometimes the properties of that oil may change.  These diffusers have a small flexible membrane at the base of the unit which vibrates ultrasonically.  This passes energy to the water which in turn breaks up the water turning it from a liquid into water vapour.  The water vapour is propelled into the air carrying the volatile components (the scent) of the essential oils with it.

What to look for in an Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser?

  • safety cut off when the water level gets too low
  • options for intermittent or continuous operation
  • easy to clean, refill
  • look for a bonus night light

So, if you have any questions about any aspect of aromatherapy and which method would suit you best please contact us.  We’d love to hear from you.

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